Chye, also known as Dick, has been in the advertising/graphic industry since the 70's.

While fine art is in his blood, he has to compromise with a career in advertising. However, being a fiercely independent character, he soon started his own graphic design setup, d’Art Studio, where he honed his illustration skills with crisp, sleek sketches and bold renderings with little or no reference materials.

As age is catching up he has thrown in the lot and return to his first love – fine arts, immersing himself full time, in capturing on canvas, forms and images of subject matters that came to mind. The main source of inspiration is still drawn from his own life experiences, with many of his paintings developing a sense of character and personality, reflecting the artist’s own fascination with people and life in general.

Painting to him is like a visual adventure, some pieces are like a storyboard waxing lyrical of a bygone era with very individualistic portrayal of the subject matter.

Conversant in oil, acrylic and watercolour, and with an exuberant and analytical mind, he transforms each piece of his work into a rather bold and riveting picture.